‘David Bowie Is’ Tokyo

Another ‘David Bowie Is’ install, another city. This time was Tokyo, at the Terrada warehouse and it was bloody fantastic.

If you don’t mind an uncharacteristic lapse in quality (the video was filmed on a smartphone), then you can check out my ‘Jean Genie’ video/lighting as it appears in the space:

You can read more about the exhibition in the following post:


One Two: Trailer

Trailer and website are live!! See them here:


‘One Two’ is a comedy series that strips away the glamour of the music industry and exposes the gritty grind, the Sisyphean struggle and the glorious vanity of it all.

The series has been written and produced by Nat Jenkins. I’ve directed three of the six episodes, one set in London, one in Copenhagen and another in Amsterdam. They’ll be released over the next couple of months on LesInRocks and VICE Holland.

BBC Proms – Cello


59 Productions’ Richard Slaney engaged me to create the animations for their collaboration with BBC Proms. The project involved projecting onto a moving cello whilst cellist Sol Gabetta played a bit from Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E minor.  Here is a ‘raw’ clip from the animation I produced.

The final product can be seen here:


Project produced by 59 productions: www.59productions.co.uk

‘Shaken Mirror’

59 Productions engaged me to work as senior animator on Kim Brandstrup’s spellbinding and nerve-jangling ballet based on the poetry of Søren Ulrik Thomsen. The ballet ran in May and June 2016 at Copenhagen’s Skuespillehuset.

The projections were principally about creating a shifting and uncertain sense of place using light and shadows. I built an array of interiors and exteriors that were then projected onto the beautifully stark set. Here is one example of the interiors.

Project produced by 59 productions: www.59productions.co.uk