Switches ‘Drama Queen’

Tragically, I’ve lost my original copy of this video so here is a version lifted from YouTube.

I love this video – the anarchy, the frenetic energy and the madness of it – but it didn’t play too well with the label. It was released nonetheless.

As a silly aside, I got really sick during the post-production process after rushing through a downpour on the way to a meeting. The bug I succumbed to then did a tour of the post-production team. It’s a testament to the team that the video was still delivered on schedule!

Role: Director, SFX

The Kooks ‘Eddie’s Gun’

This was my breakthrough video and I still can’t quite believe the good people at Virgin Records, fronted by commissioning legend Carole Burton-Fairbrother, gave me the job. When it was released, I sat patiently through a whole afternoon of MTV to catch it playing live (it was my first proper video, after all). As word of the Kooks grew, the video became a big success and played everywhere.

Role: Director, SFX

Sunny Hardon ‘Oceanheart’

My original idea was quite different.

We filmed a variety of takes of Sunny in different get-ups and the plan was to cut between them. I forget why, but I wanted one take where he had a bald wig. The bald wig turned out to be deeply unsatisfying, so in the final hour of the shoot, Sunny agreed to shave all his hair off (eyebrows too, you’ll notice). There was something so vulnerable about him after he’d been shorn and he then gave this fragile, marvellous performance. So the video had to became a one take.

Role: Director, DoP, Editor, SFX