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The Kooks ‘The Sofa Song’

My second video for the Kooks, made just as they were becoming household names in the UK.

The original idea was to make a video based on David Hockney’s beautiful photo collages. Luke Pritchard, lead singer of the Kooks, was enthusiastic about the idea but, as one might expect, a lot of industry people wanted something less avant garde. It was a bit of a tug of war and I think the final result strikes a decent balance between the two poles.

Role: Director, SFX

The Kooks ‘Eddie’s Gun’

This was my breakthrough video and I still can’t quite believe the good people at Virgin Records, fronted by commissioning legend Carole Burton-Fairbrother, gave me the job. When it was released, I sat patiently through a whole afternoon of MTV to catch it playing live (it was my first proper video, after all). As word of the Kooks grew, the video became a big success and played everywhere.

Role: Director, SFX