Critical Mass ‘Generation Vex’

There aren’t many videos that turn out so close to one’s initial mental image. For that reason, and for the craziness of it, I love this video. We had an excellent compact team for the 2 day shoot and Sola did a top notch job with his head.

I’m proud to add that the video won the Independent Music Awards ‘Short Form Video’ category in 2015.

Role: Director, DoP, Editor SFX

‘One Two: The Slooze’

‘One Two’ is a comedy series that strips away the glamour of the music industry and exposes the gritty grind, the Sisyphean struggle and the glorious vanity of it all. Written by Nat Jenkins.

‘The Slooze’ was filmed in Cable Street Studios in London.

Role: Director, DoP, Editor

Molotov Jukebox ‘Tick Tock’

My second video for Molotov Jukebox, filmed in Andalusia, Spain. The mountain scenes were shot around Orgiva near a friend’s beautiful farm. We co-opted their flock of sheep for a shot, but failed to get the bloody creatures to obey our herding. The graveyard scenes were filmed in Casares, with the very kind permission of the mayor. Natalia and the band got a lot of strange looks from people paying their respects, but everyone seemed to enjoy the oddity of it all.

Role: Director, DoP, Editor


Long time collaborator Tim Panduro wanted to put to use an abstract method of editing that he’d come up with and needed a script to fit. This morbid tale is the result. Starring Peder Holm Johanssen and Maria Grazia, with young Helmer Solberg as the boy.

Role: Director, Writer