My debut feature ‘Borderline’ set for UK/US release!

BORDERLINE Coming Soon to UK Digital Platforms – Distributed by Yet Another Distribution Company.

Get ready for a dark and menacing thriller, “BORDERLINE,” starring Natalia Tena (known for her roles in Harry Potter and Game of Thrones) and Mads Reuther (featured in Into the Darkness and In the Blood).

On a trip to London, Mads (Reuther), a prosperous Danish marketing executive, crosses paths with the mysterious Joan (Tena). Their chance meeting ignites a passionate romance, which for Mads, ends as he resumes his life in Denmark. However, for Joan, the story is far from over…

This captivating narrative introduces a tale of a passionate tryst that evolves into a chilling sequence of events. The collision of two different worlds spirals swiftly into a vortex of turmoil and suspense.

BORDERLINE is set to hit UK Digital Platforms on 28th August 2023–featuring-natalia-tena–mads-reuther-arrives-this-august/